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Island Nations

As one of the only law firms in the world with a dedicated Island Nation practice, we understand the need for climate resilience in small island developing countries (“Island Nations”).

For a large number of citizens in these countries, particularly those living in areas no higher than a few meters above sea level, the existential threat of climate change is very real.  The rising scale and the intensity of storm surges, salt water intrusion and coastal destruction of the past decades have bypassed existing protective measures, leaving Island Nation populations with threatened biodiversity, failing crops, water shortages and an uncertain future.

How vulnerable an Island Nation may be is complicated by the ability of that country to adapt, and how much its GDP and economy – such as its tourism, fisheries and agricultural sectors – are reliant on conducive environmental conditions and hence vulnerable to climate change.

Image © UNDP Tuvalu / Aurélia Rusek

As a global leader in international and development financed renewables projects, we have assisted governments, development institutions, multilateral lenders and agencies and private developers in the development and financing of climate resilient projects in a number of Island Nations, including:

  • Madagascar;
  • Seychelles;
  • Cape Verde;
  • Mauritius; and
  • Others.

Whilst many of the solutions to these issues remain out of the hands of Island Nations (and some other solutions involve expensive engineering solutions), there is a lot that Island Nations can do.  This includes refurbishing ports, investing in carbon-neutral infrastructure (such as floating solar plants) and working on innovative and sustainable fishery and agricultural practices.  With the further impact of COVID-19 on tourism sector of Island Nations, the need for adequate climate and concessional finance and innovation in the delivery of infrastructure are increasingly critical areas for the global development community when considering how to assist Island Nations in achieving climate resilience.  We at Trinity are aware of the issues and can advise on creative solutions.  

Please contact us for more details of our Island Nation practice. 

Case Study: Seychelles Floating Solar

The first utility-scale floating PV solar tender in Africa was announced in April 2018 in the Seychelles.  We at Trinity International advised the tendering authority, the Seychelles Energy Commission (as well as the offtaker under the PPA, PUC and the Government of Seychelles itself), supported by funding from the African Legal Support Facility and backing from the Clinton Foundation.  The project will be one of the first in the world to be installed on a shallow body of salt water. The Trinity team drafted the tender and legal documentation for the project and negotiated them with the winning bidder.  The project aims to be operational in 2021.

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