AFIDA suggests a much needed co-ordinated response to COVID-19 issues.

Published: 19/05/20

Trinity is a founder member of the African Infrastructure Development Association (“AFIDA”). AFIDA is an industry group for those involved in power and infrastructure projects across the African continent. AFIDA has been recently been working with its members and other industry participants in response to the impact that the COVID-19 crises continues to have on the market. The COVID 19 pandemic has created some unique challenges for market participants and their projects and to date, there have been varying approaches and responses adopted by sponsors, donors and governments in the face of the ongoing situation. AFIDA has been working to create a co-ordinated response which it believes will assist in the ongoing required discussions. With this in mind, AFIDA has created a guidance note which its members believe can form the road map as to how best to deal with the COVID related impacts across infrastructure sectors in the African continent.

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