Category: November 2007

Trinity update

Welcome to the first edition of Focus, a newsletter through which we hope to share with you articles, news and information relevant to your business and ours. Focus will cover a number of Trinity’s core sectors including energy, oil & gas, transport infrastructure and telecoms, particularly in the emerging markets. We also aim to provide… Read more »

Carbon Credits: Will Africa Benefit?

In November 2006, the Conference of Parties to the Kyoto Protocol held its climate change meeting in Nairobi, Kenya. One of the focus points of the conference was to highlight Africa’s position in the carbon world, in particular assessing its current (undervalued) status and drawing investor’s attention towards its potential. However, does this signal herald… Read more »

A Good Deed?

While the volume of agreements that your company has entered into may all appear to be the same, there is an important difference between those which are "simple contracts" (i.e. normally called "agreements" or "contracts") and those which are "deeds". A properly drafted deed has important consequences for the parties and is generally entered into… Read more »