Category: August 2011


Welcome to the August 2011 edition of Focus. We’re having a busy summer at Trinity and have lots of news and information to share with you. We moved our London headquarters at the end of June to Dashwood House in the heart of the City, next to Liverpool Street station. We look forward to welcoming… Read more »

Corruption in Africa: It’s not just about the UK Bribery Act

Africa in Context Bribery and corruption are likely to be words that come to mind when people think of the risks of doing business in frontier markets, particularly African countries. Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index 2010 is a useful benchmark for the measure of corruption. Africa does not do well. Somalia is 178th out of… Read more »

Legalese: Golden rules for drafting indemnities

Indemnities or "hold harmless" provisions are common in commercial agreements. This month’s Legalese attempts to demystify the concept of an indemnity and to help identify common mistakes people make when drafting these clauses. An indemnity is a promise by one party to pay a sum of money to compensate a particular loss. The perceived advantage… Read more »