• Insect Production Farm (France):

  • Assistance of the project company on all aspects to build and finance an insect production farm in France.
  • Ethanol Project (Mozambique)

    Acting for shareholders in relation to the development of bioethanol projects in Mozambique
  • Ethanol/Sugar/Power Project (Tanzania)

    $500m project being developed by EcoEnergy in Tanzania proposed to be financed by a number of development banks
  • Bioenergy (pan-African)

    Fundraising and development of bioethanol projects across Africa including Senegal, Tanzania and Mozambique.
  • Biomass Power Plant (Uganda)

    Development of a renewable forestry power plant
  • Aquaculture Project (Mauritius and Madagascar)

    Eel-aquaculture project funded by the Development Bank of Southern Africa
  • Cocoa plantation (pan-African)

    Cocoa plantations in Ghana, Ivory Coast and Nigeria including the financing of related processing facilities
  • Palm Oil (Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Indonesia)

    Advising on the development and financing of palm oil projects in Papua New Guinea, Malaysia and Indonesia
  • Rose Farms (Nigeria and Kenya)

    Acting on behalf of clients in respect of rose farm production projects in Nigeria and Kenya
  • Sugar projects (pan-African)

    Industrial scale sugar projects across Africa